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Captured by You

Photography & editing services

For portraiture clients:

email me at to schedule your next portrait session.

Whether its outside or in the studio, allow me to help you capture your moments.

For photographers:

You’re the photographer… we are your editors.

I got into editing pictures when my son was born. I wanted to recreate the beautiful images I’ve seen on professional photographer websites. You don’t need a professional camera (although this certainly helps!) to create a professional photograph… all you needed was a little Photoshop magic.   Taking other people’s unedited photograph, and then turning it into a beautiful image and not just a snapshot, gave me the inspiration to expand my talent into a business.  That is how Captured by You was born.  You’re the photographer, we are your editor.  Have fun with your camera, don’t miss those special moments!

Some ideas on where to use your Captured by You image:

-Social networking sites (profile pictures for Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.)

-Cards – Holiday, Birthday, Mother’s/Father’s day etc.

-Digital picture frames

-Slide shows

-Business websites highlight your executives/ employees, putting their best face on your site

We don’t just edit people!

-Pet photography

-Restaurants wanting to update their website/social networking site can take advantage.  (remember, natural light! it will help your food look tastier 😉   )

-Business websites – Clothing, boutiques etc.

Professional photographers- if you have too many images piling up to be edited, or simply enjoy shooting more than editing.. we can help!


*Whenever possible, use natural sunlight, not your camera’s built in flash.  Unless you are working with a professional studio setup, flashes tend to make people look sickly, creating unnatural shadows.  I have found that it is much better to take a dark picture, and lighten it up with editing, than to use the flash.  The end result will come out much better.

*Take a picture with a black blanket behind your subject, it can be turned into a beautiful pitch black solid background for a dramatic effect.

*Boring solid color wall behind your subject? No problem, we can turn it into an elegant paper.

*It is important to note that we won’t make a complete transformation, we want you to still look like you (or your subject)… we just help you out a little:)

*Safety!! Please be careful when posing for your pictures, we are not responsible for any injuries from your picture taking, please don’t put yourself or others in dangerous situations.  Use extreme care when working with babies, many of those popular posed images you see online are actually 2 images merged together.  Don’t force them into dangerous poses. Never leave infants unattended! Child photography is fun, but some preventative care goes a long way.

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