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Playing around with composite shots

Today I set aside some time to play around with composite shots. Facebook locked me out for 24 hours (AH!) because I changed some contact info, so I needed something to distract myself with. This is a very popular technique among professional photographers, you would really be surprised how many images are actually composites.

I decided to play around using my two little bird figurines.

I took two shots. One where I held the bird by its tail and another by its underside. The thought was to combine these so my hand gets erased and it looks like the bird was ‘flying’. I know its wings are glued to its sides, but whatever, I was just playing ๐Ÿ˜‰

Here is one shot:

This is SOOC (straight out of camera, so no editing)

And here is the other shot:

(Also SOOC)

I took one image and placed it over the other. Then I added a layer mask, inverted it, and brushed back the tail area. After some straightening and cloning I did my edits.

Final image:


Doily Hearts

Pinterest has been my new addiction and as soon as I saw this doily heart tutorial I knew I HAD to make one.

First was to find all of my supplies on Amazon. I really don’t know what I’d do without Amazon. Living in Hoboken with a baby its not so easy to just go to Michaels, and with all our wonderful stores in town, a craft store is not one of them. Yes, this project, did call for red and white bakers string, yes I should have just ran down the block to Carlos Bakery (aka Cake Boss) and used it as an excuse for some cake…. too bad I just thought of this while writing up this blog post… sigh.

So anyways, after about a week of waiting all my equipment came in… heart doilies, bakers string, um, thats about it for this project, but I AM going to be making a backdrop with some more so got some rope, cloths pins, and mini hot glue gun with sticks…. I didn’t really need to order that last one, but realized I lost mine in the move, so got it while I was thinking of it ๐Ÿ˜‰

So I got all the doilies and string cut up and sewing needle out (didn’t have to buy this- yay for hotel freebies), and realized my needle eye was WAY too small for the string. So I improvised and tied normal string to the end of the bakers string. This actually worked, yay!

First I embroidered the inner heart. It was actually pretty tricky not ripping up the thin paper. About half way through this first part I started to day dream about all the things that I could be doing with my time instead of embroidering a paper heart. So yea, don’t see many of paper embroidering projects in my future.

After that was done, I repeated on the outer heart. This one was much easier because the holes were bigger, so I might cheat on future hearts and just do the outsides ๐Ÿ˜‰

I do have to say that the finished product came out very pretty! I’m going to use these for some Valentines day shoots, but decided to not let all my paper heart embroider work go to too much waste and decided to turn it into a .png heart and a photoshop brush. I’m thinking I might just use these to cheat and not have to do this project again, haha!

You can find the Brush/.png set here: Click Here


Bubble Sky

My amazon shipment finally came in today with my Valentines day shoot materials, hopefully I’ll have time to tackle that tomorrow. To kill whatever free time I had today, I decided to go through some old pictures and turn one into a template. I was in the mood for something fantasy like, so I remembered I took a shot of some amazing clouds during a sunrise over an old volcano in Maui. How perfect of a fantasy setup is that?!

I decided to add some bubbles for a picture insert. Then I figured, to go even further and make a brush for some fairy dust effects. I’m having a lot of fun with this combo, and decided to give the brush away for free because I felt like it:)

Get the template here: Bubble Sky Template

Get the FREE brush here: Fairy Dust Photoshop Brush


Dear Hannah {Fashion / Business}

Hoboken is such a fun town, especially for a photographer. Our mile square city is rich with history and beauty. We have street lined with brownstones and the cobble stone alley that runs across town. Sintatra’s hometown, birthplace of baseball, and a view of the NYC skyline that is absolutely breathtaking, Hoboken has a lot going on. We also have such a unique selection of shops. I had the pleasure this past November to do a Holiday lookbook shoot for Dear Hannah, a local clothing store (and one of my fav’s in town – yay!). I was really excited about the shoot, Hannah (the store’s owner), always has such fun pieces and I couldn’t wait to see what she would pull together.

She did not disappoint and I was wow’d with each outfit!

Random side note- I discovered Hannah is from Newport beach too (for those that don’t know I just moved back to Hoboken from Newport this summer!). It’s no wonder I am so in love with her style!

We had great weather (just a tad chilly, but that’s normal for NJ in November). What was most important was that it was not raining, so we got to take some fun Hoboken alley pictures. I just love her styles against all the brick and cobble stone!

Check out Dear Hannah on Facebook!


Welshie Snow Globe Project

Back in December I when I first started offering the snow globe image to my clients, I was approached with an interesting project. As many of you know, my dog Sophie is a Welsh Terrier. She is a great joy in our lives and my first photography muse. What you might not know is that she comes from a very prestigious line of Welsh terrier show dogs. M, the owner of Sophie’s father Leo, asked me to help her use the snow globe for a very unique gift. The challenge was to gather up pictures from Sophie’s grandfather, CH.Merthyr’s Super Man, Father (Greenfields Super Treasure aka Leo), and Nephews (Metro & Mac). These two live in Australia and Sophie has been very proud of her winning relatives from Downunder.

Each dog had to be edited individually before being placed into their spot inside the globe. Sophie’s grandfather image was an old scanned image, and the other three were from various cameras. I’ve worked with images of all sorts of quality in the past, but this was the first time I had to combine them into a single image. Quite a challenge!
Not only did I have to cut out each dog and line them up so that they ‘stood’ correctly inside the snow globe, but I had to make it so that all of their sizes and colorings would complement one another so that they didn’t looked to out of place. All the different generations of dogs needed to be inside the snow globe and look like 1 image. Oh the conversations that must be going on inside that globe! ๐Ÿ˜‰
Below is the scanned image of Merthyr’s Super Man. I’ll spare you the technical editing details and just say that I had to increase some colors and straighten him up to get him to stand up tall in the image and not look like he was laying down. What a handsome fellow!

This is Leo (Sophie’s Daddy) at Westminster. I used this image to edit out Leo and place inside the Snow Globe.

And the final image. How awesome is this! 4 generations all standing together! I’m super excited with how it turned out. Simply amazing!

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